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How Much Does RCM Desktop Cost?

Starting at £600

RCM Desktop  is available in four 'editions', each of which includes progressively more features. This ensures you will find an edition that suits both your budget and the scale of your  RCM  project.

This edition provides the minimum set of features required to document an  RCM  analysis using any  RCM  Task Selection Logic. It is intended for users who plan to do a small number of  RCM  analyses or who are undertaking a modest  RCM  pilot project and don't yet need the more advanced features.

Basic Edition Intermediate Edition

Everything a facilitator could ask for, incorporating highly-advanced features designed for managing a large  RCM  project and to maximise facilitator productivity. It is intended for users who wish to dispense with paperwork and flip charts and who need to manage one or more large  RCM  projects.

Advanced Edition

This edition includes a visual SQL query builder for users who require full SQL access to the data tables. It is intended for users who need to design their own queries for exporting  RCM  data to other systems.

This edition also includes the ability for users to write their own report definitions using a powerful report designer.

Ultimate Edition

Each edition is available for single or multiple users (except for the Basic Edition, which is single user only).

RCM Desktop  has been designed to be upwards compatible permitting upgrades from one edition to another as an  RCM  programme grows in size, complexity and the number of facilitators involved. The flexibility of being available in different versions ensures that the  RCM Desktop  software is affordable regardless of the size of an  RCM  project.

Click here for a comparison of the features available in each edition of  RCM Desktop .

Provides further features designed to enhance facilitator productivity and allow input of additional supporting information. It is intended for users who wish to make use of the additional productivity features or who have a relatively small number of RCM analyses to document.